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Stone with a tale tell

Rough-hewn stone, worked by hand, is the predominant feature of the skilfully restored country house. Stone as an original building material, the most natural available to man, stone which tells the stories of past lifetimes and which bears the marks of bombings from the Second World War, still visible on the façade. The heavy wooden beams holding up the ceilings likewise have the look of a house in which Garibaldi might have lived during the time of the Italian unification. So many legendary tales which are still told to date, linking the area to our national hero’s journey through this countryside, not to mention the stories of brigands who roamed through this wooded, mountainous area situated between the Papal State and the Kingdom of Naples.

Agriturismo Il Ruspante
La Locanda Del Ruspante 1
La Locanda Del Ruspante 3
La Locanda Del Ruspante 4
La Locanda Del Ruspante 5
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The Restaurant

Here in our Farmhouse, love and dedication to the fruits of the earth are still in tune with ancient rhythms. From our fields and gardens, genuine products are served directly to the guests of the Restaurant Read more


An imposing round-arched portal, “silent witness to many passes”, welcomes guests into our Hostelry. "La Locanda del Ruspante", obtained by restoring the typical old stone building... Read more